How is your team?

In Ridley Scott’s epic movie, The Gladiator, the main character Maximus had the respect of the Roman Emperor and his entire army. After the opening battle between the Roman army and the Germanic tribes, Maximus worked his way through his embattled troops engaging, saying hello thanking them for their heroic efforts on the battlefield. Connecting with his people, and, most importantly, staying close to the measure of morale. The simplicity of Maximus’ efforts to engage after battle, was one of the reasons he was indeed a great leader.

Much of our working hours in the last few months, were spent remotely, virtually leading the business. Top officers now more than ever before have to engage and help heal the scars that undoubtedly have occurred over the last few months—layoffs, declining revenues, inconsistent client engagement. Your team has been through a battle.

Simplicity and focus are the mark of a great leader. Helping your team adopt these two core principles during and after the time of crisis is imperative. According to a ten-year study, the CEO Genome Project, there are four behaviors of successful top officers. They are deciding with speed and conviction, engaging for impact, adaptability, and delivery. 

Engaging for impact is a balance between connecting with your team and your team connecting with you. Your tone and body language when delivering communications, according to the genome project, will have a profound impact on emotional contagion with your people. 

The art of engagement in a time of healing is in the leader’s ability to build trust, and welcome open debate. Something went wrong; we need to do better. Now more than ever, your workplace requires innovation to be successful on the other side. Innovation and change accelerate when an open discussion is encouraged. The top officer’s ability to connect, engage, and welcome feedback, will get your team on the path to having success in the new normal.

How do you foster accessibility and engagement? In this new virtual world, which will be the new normal, how do you connect? Being accessible and available to engage and welcome feedback in our new virtual world can be a challenge. This accessibility needs to be done often and at all levels. The exciting thing about our technology today is that it is possible through several platforms. We recommended that you move your communications from just phone calls and emails to regular video meetings to establish face-to-face engagement. Your team can see how you are feeling, and you can see how they are feeling.

So, schedule as many Google hangouts, Zoom sessions, Microsoft team calls that are required for you to establish complete and total two-way communication (audio and video). Remember, this is the new normal, so set your rhythm. Keep your pulse on morale and ask for ideas, views, and opinions. Engage, engage, engage. Innovate your path to the other side.

The simplicity of great leadership often starts with a walk among the troops. Maximus’s path brought him on an unpredictable journey from general to slave with his legions remaining loyal. In 2020, our current journey also has many twists and turns. Keep it simple, engage with your people and success and innovation will be your new follower.

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